December 21st, 2020

Weird interaction

In a little bit of a gamble I merged my company with a larger one about three and a half years ago.  Two years later I was kind of pushed out of the company but I'd long since lost any belief that they might do well and become the company they could.  The owner was great and the staff was way too many people but a good core.  The owner's wife (actually 51 percent owner) was and is a business nightmare.  Far too complex to explain but she undercut nearly every opportunity the business had to make money.  She and her husband thought she was a genius.  No idea what her IQ is but she could not plan her way out of the bathroom without several exit signs.  

I managed to depart without imparting that opinion to her and I still own 3% which this past year actually saved me about $5k in taxes with their business capital losses.  So in 50,000 years I'll have made my money back.

It was not a bad gamble, though. I was really burned out, not enjoying the business, and ready to do something with it when they came along.  In the big scheme of things it may work out one day.

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