December 22nd, 2020

Turns out it is Tuesday

I'm pretty sure I took my Wednesday pills this morning.  Not that it much matters BUT the way I found out is that the next episode of The Expanse drops on Wednesday which, turns out, is NOT today. 


So now I have a couple of problems.  No Expanse and  I need to go back and rearrange my pill box.  

Life is so complicated.

When I closed down my company I gave away my business desk which was one of those big metal ones that IBM was dumping and I got for $40 and used for 12 years.  It was great but too big for a house.  So I've got this much smaller wooden one my wife gave me from her rather extensive collection.  It is fine but all my stuff gets screwed up in the middle drawer.  I put it in plastic bags to keep it straight but that is not so useful either.  So I decided to make dividers.  I could buy them but thought I'd rather buy a bunch of slat wood and make them myself exactly what I want.  No idea how to do that but it's Tuesday and so I have an extra day now.  May as well.

Off to Lowes to find slat wood.  Then to figure out how to do it.