December 24th, 2020

Pretty much the same

This is a quiet day for us.  It is 35 degrees out so I'm delaying the walk for a bit (I do have my new hat to wear so I'm not really worried).

I've not been thrilled with Christmas for years.  When I was working it was nice to have a couple of days off.  When I had the company it was nice to have a couple of days I could work without interruption (small businessman's vacation).  

Now it is more or less another day.  More people on the walkways which is a little annoying as it means I have to leash Zoe.   But otherwise another day.  I do think we're going down to see Dana's brother who is bed ridden in a care facility.  Dana visits him periodically.  I went with her last time and took him some ribs.  She visits through the window.  Standing out on the grass next to this house with the window to her brother's room open.  And they talk.  I've never liked the way he talks to her.  He's is so used to belittling her that neither of them even notice now.  But I do and it is pretty hard to listen and I can't fix it.  So I stay away.

I signed up for a Covid tracking app.  It is interesting.  The process is you list any tests you've taken and the results.  Then each day you report in (takes maybe 5 seconds) saying no new tests and you feel fine.  Or not.  They collect the data and warn of anyone you've come in contact with that might have Covid.  

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Turned into project day

I had a step ladder I had hung in my garage.  Turned out the hanger was not screwed in enough and last week it came down.  Rather than just put it back up I did it right.  Putty in the holes, dry, sand and paint so it looked new then put up the hanger again with long screws in the studs and two more in metal anchors.  It should last a while.  

Long as I had the paint can out and stirred up I walked the house and cleaned up all the little dings and smudges we had collected over two + years.  This kind of paint smudges easily but paint over it and it blends in perfectly with no effort at all. 

I then started my drawer organizer project.  


I went out to YouTube, of course, and found a way of doing it I liked.  The advantages of this method is it is simple and it does not actually attach to the drawer.  I've got the external rectangle cut and glued and drying right now.  It fits exactly into the drawer and I can add whatever internal sections I want.  They will all be fitted and glued.  No nails or screws or anything.  It only requires precise measurement and cutting so everything is kind of wedged and then glued in.

This is an old desk and I didn't want to do anything that might damage it.  

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