December 25th, 2020

A nice memory

As this is kind of a non Christmas I'm going to pull out a picture from the past.  There really was a picture of this but no idea where it is.  Pre digital by about 20 years so it is only in my head.

We lived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where it frequently snowed for Christmas.  This was in the 1960's and my father was doing well as a national sales manager with Hanes.  He built a second house in Blowing Rock, NC and we spent a lot of time there, maybe an hour and a half drive from home.  

For me it was a Mecca.  I learned to ski at Appalachian Ski Mountain. It is such a very small ski mountain but it had three slopes and I lived to be there.  With my ADHD it was the perfect activity for me.  All motion and no brain.  I would ski Friday evening when we got there, all day Saturday and as much of Sunday as I could before we went back home.  I don't remember even stopping to eat.  It was glorious.  I would sleep at night and wake up to my legs still skiing.  

The Christmas in my mind was one where it did snow which was fortunate as we all three children got skis for Christmas.  I also got some corduroy ski knickers and knee socks.  The picture is of me (I don't remember susandennis with skis at all) in the snow in full regalia on my skis in our front yard.

Of course the real gift was from my Mom who drove me to and from the ski mountain every weekend for years.  Fifty + years later I attribute my balance and quick reaction time to the years I spent on skis.  

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It's like waiting for glue to dry

I could really use another piece of wood to make more sections but soon as the glue dries I'll be done with the major part of it.  I can add sections later once I get stuff organized.

A little bit of a puzzle
A little bit of a puzzle

It is sitting in the drawer now but not all the way down until the glue dries.  Then I'll just slide it down and, as they say, Bob's your uncle.

The whole thing was really easy.  The most difficult thing is each piece was needed to hold the others in place so I kind of had to piece it together then do it a second time with glue.  It may need some more glue once I'm done but in my experience, less is better with wood glue and the whole thing will really be held in place by the way it fits in the drawer anyway.

Should be able to use it tomorrow.