December 29th, 2020

A head slapper

Sometimes I'm a little slow in putting together a picture and the whole efficacy discussion and herd immunity with the vaccine has kind of thrown me.  This story is what had me slapping my forehead (I'm OK.. didn't slap it hard, thanks for asking).

Driving the news: Swaminathan was asked whether international travel without quarantine would be possible after mass coronavirus vaccinations. "I don't believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it's going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on," she said.

Embarrassingly obvious now.  The vaccine only helps you fight the virus and prevents the resulting disease, it offers no magic barrier from contracting it.  I've known how vaccines work as far back as my memory goes so why this process escaped me until now is a mystery.

All vaccinated individuals must be assumed asymptomatic carriers unless/until that proves to be untrue.  [Typhoid Karen?] More to follow on that I'm sure.

So (no judgement here) if I've got a vaccine then the anti-vaccine people are essentially creating the environment that makes me wear a mask and socially distance since they will be in the way of herd immunity.  Which means my personal liberties are being infringed upon by those who chose to live an unsafe lifestyle. 

Of course, that has been true for all of my life but is thrust to the forefront with this particular situation.  

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Almost there

I really thought it would be February before those of us who are 65+ but not vulnerable could get the vaccine.  But off of Reddit, I got this link for Texas that shows where vaccines are available.  I called and they are finishing up 1A and really ready for 1B soon as supply catches up to the first responders who want a vaccine.  

HEB, our mecca of a grocery store chain, is leading the charge.  Lots of choices and their phone message is perfectly clear.  So I'll just keep calling until they say I'm up.  Sounds like days rather than months.

It won't change my behavior (I'd rather not be an asymptomatic shedding person) but it will lower my anxiety.  I'll feel a lot more comfortable going to the store.

Texas finally has some pretty good information.  

Oh, and another HUGE event.  My new ice maker part came in and they are coming by to install it today!!


No sooner had I posted that last entry than I went out to another HEB location online to get their number and found this on their web site:

Never before seen this
Never before seen this

Nothing further at the Learn More link.  This store is the closest one to Sun City here in Georgetown so not insignificant.  But HUGE that they claim it on the web site.  

I'm so ready for everyone to have a tracking app like this one or one like it.