December 30th, 2020

Short outside window

I've got about two hours of not too wet walking time this morning and an excellent book to listen to while doing so.  Should be able to finish my coffee, harness up the dogs and be out there by 9:30 with a comfortable 45 minutes before the rain starts.  Then for a couple of days it is all rain.  Which is lovely really.  We need it and I miss just being on the porch watching it come down.

We've not had a gully washer for a year and a half now.  Since we actually have a gully in our back yard I know.  Hopefully we'll get something close tomorrow.  We need to wash everything down and fill the lakes some while we can.

Other than that I'm taking Dana to the bank today, the local one where we collect money for the mortgage.  We use USAA for the larger incoming payments and I transfer it to the local credit union.  That way I have an infrastructure account to pay mortgage, electricity, water and all the rest of what keeps us going out of one account that ALWAYS has money.  And also always has three or four months of money in savings to keep things going in case.  Dana doesn't do online so the USAA is kind of useless to her.  So I'm trying to teach her how the local system works so she can pivot things if something happens to me.  She is so used to depending on me and I find the entire exercise so easy that it is really hard to get her in a new system.  But I'm at least making the effort.

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