December 31st, 2020

Clear directions of what to do if exposed

Nothing.  For seven days.  Or fourteen.  Don't call us and we won't call you.

You'd think after nearly a year of this that we'd have figured a clear set of directions and processes.

Dana got a text of Facebook whatever from a friend of hers with whom she spent a distanced, outside social hour with last Saturday.  Friend just tested positive.  So Dana is one degree of separation and I'm two from Covid.  I guess it had to happen eventually and I think the odds are actually pretty low that we are infected (assuming that that the physical interaction happened as described — I didn't ask too many questions).

We found out last night and I called my medical system who told me that their current procedure is for us to self quarantine for 7 days and get tested only if we have symptoms.   Of course the CDC says 2-14 days.  And they both say that a negative test does not rule out possible infection.  So what is the point of getting tested?  IF positive and not about to die THEN quarantine.  IF negative THEN quarantine.  IF about to die THEN skip the test and try to find a hospital.  Never made much sense to me.

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Cinnamon Raisin no knead

This is one of those no knead ridiculously easy to make breads with the added advantage of a ersatz dutch oven this guy figured out.  It is actually pretty genius and I intend to use it next time I make the no knead Asiago bread I like so much.

No knead breads are great as kind of faux sourdough.  I periodically make a loaf usually as an Asiago or Asiago/Jalapeno bread.  As a sweet bread, not my favorite.

Looks lovely
Looks lovely

Mine did not rise as much as it might have but it was cooler in the house so would have been better to let it go longer.  Not much of an issue.

The taste is pretty good but not great and a bit more bread, a little more no knead taste, than I'd like.  

Big advantage is it was easy to make and it satisfies my cinnamon raisin jones.