January 2nd, 2021

Going to be an interesting tax season

I miss a lot of things about running a small business.  There are way more things I do not miss but to say I didn't get some joy out of it would be untrue.  Being a computer magician (which most of my customers thought I was) and having people be so grateful, when they were, was really nice.  This was especially true when I did on site residential.  Going into someone's house and fixing a problem and explaining how to do things and cleaning out their shoe box of crap tech CD's they don't need was all fun.  They were almost always falling all over themselves with gratitude.  People coming to pick up their PCs in the store were not quite so cheerful.  It was just a retail chore at best for the most part.  

One weird thing I really enjoyed was running the Quickbooks part of the business.  I did our own books and for a long time did our payroll through Quickbooks.  I spent a lot of hours learning it and then relearning the new version (I went from Pro to Enterprise and back) but I knew the business a lot better than most do as a result.  I knew in the back of my mind without looking how much money we had at any given time, whether we were making a profit, when payroll was due, what I had to move around to do it and who owed us money.  In my mind this was essential and, I think, why a lot of people go out of business.  They can't be bothered with the books.

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