January 5th, 2021

Much better

It feels like everyone went back to work and school and their normal lives today.  Which meant that Zoe, Toby and I had the walk mostly to ourselves.  We passed that one guy my age I see every day and did run into the mom from the other day with the stroller and the family but the family was down to a baby in the stroller and a screaming 3 year old (I'm guessing the daughter who drove the electric car is in preschool and father is off earning money for the screaming kid).  We just stopped and let the woman go far enough ahead we'd not see (or hear) them again.  And we ran into one other woman walking in the opposite direction so there was a 2 second interaction.

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The Zoe story

One day we had a friend of ours, who knew I loved Rottweiler dogs, come into our store with a pup that could fit in my hand.  The woman's daughter's boyfriend had given it to her and mom said she was not allowed to keep it and thought of me.  That was eleven years ago and I've been grateful every day since. 

Zoe's a Rottweiler mix and was pretty aggressive when her paws smaller than the size of my fingers.  She'd growl and attack your bracelet if you had her in your hand.  We had the retail store where people came and went.  It occurred to me that maybe I should get her trained so I wouldn't have to worry about her being around customers.  At this point I had visions of her being a 100 pound attack dog.  When she was old enough I sent her to a two week camp to work with an ex-police dog trainer.  His methods were a little alpha for me in retrospect but he turned her over to me and ever since she will respond immediately to my voice no matter what is going on.  It was the best money I ever spent.  She had the full run of the store which included our home in the other half (3600 sqft building).  People came and went and she'd say hello to some and ignore the rest.  People would bring dogs and she'd just say hi and leave the area.  She would lie down by the front counter to get them to pet her sometimes, lie by the front door to watch the squirrels at others, and go in and out of the dog door to run around outside during the day when she felt like it.

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