January 10th, 2021

Watching the snow today

This time last year we got a dusting of snow.  For some reason the picture (I drew the year 2020 in the snow collected on my smoker) disappeared from my stream.  Embarrassed to be part of the year, I guess.  I'm pretty sure it was this time of year, though.  By end of January winter is already winding down here.

But today is snow day and it is just starting to change over from rain to snow:

Barely see the snow collecting on the windshield.
Barely see the snow collecting on the windshield.

Now another reason to not go anywhere.  We have enough food for a week or longer and nothing else we need and the drivers around her have mostly never driven in snow so I'll stay here.  Actually I've nothing on my schedule that would require me to go anywhere for the next week.  This snow will only last a day or so but the report is an inch or two accumulation so it will be pretty anyway.