January 18th, 2021

Bucket o' dough

I made my 3 pounds of dough today, a no knead version that I got from the Washington Post.  First third of the dough will go towards Fast Focaccia bread to go with our Home Chef dinner.  

The focaccia is truly simple and uses some rosemary I can grab from what is growing out in our yard.  

The Home Chef dinner is butternut squash and salmon with cranberry chutney (all, of course, provided).  Adding the bread will make it a really nice meal.

I've become attached to Home Chef interspersed with Dinnerly on occasion.  Ultimately it is a good deal.  We eat better for about the same amount of money, don't have unused leftovers, and have a decent variety without having to much think.  I expanded this week to four meals since I found four I really wanted.  Salmon, Chicken, sirloin with a blue cheese topping, and a no prep pepperoni pasta meal with peppers and spinach (all ready to just throw in the oven).

Also, as it turns out I ordered Dinnerly for this week.  It does not come until Wednesday and has three meals so it looks like we have food for a week.  Had to happen at one point that I should end up ordering them both in the same week.  But the bottom line is we have a week of dinners for about $130 for both of us.  And it has vegetables for every meal and nothing ridiculously heavy.  Breakfast is either a protein berry shake or eggs and bacon and lunch is usually nothing or a snack and dinner is early.  All pretty reasonable.  And easy.

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