January 23rd, 2021

All's well that ends well

What a great title for something or other.

My tax issues is, apparently, done.  I got a call from the little old lady that works at the lawyer's office who said I should soon receive a letter from the court saying that the suit has been withdrawn.  Tax, penalties and all would have come to about a thousand dollars so not crippling but it is nice that I don't have to pay.  Especially since I did everything right.

I'm waiting for an Amazon delivery today that will bring me a t-shirt made for me by their virtual fitting system.  Since I wear t-shirts nearly all the time I own way too many.  But most are material I only kind of like or a size I definitely don't like (most of them have shrunk over the past year or so) and I hate tight clothes.  So this is supposed to be light (summer is most of the year here) and should fit me.  If so, I'm going to replace most of my collection with these.  So I'm excited about something so small as a t-shirt.

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Impressive Amazon delivery

I ordered a 'Made for you' t-shirt and it came for me today.  The fit is absolutely perfect and it will be a favorite summer shirt.  It is a bit pricey not because the individual one is too expensive but because it fits so well and is such good material I'll need to buy a bunch more.

The fit process is obviously a good one.  I wanted loose fit and this is just like I wanted.  It is a little light which will be a lot more enticing in a few months but is tolerable now as I wear an overshirt all the time even around the house.  

I think the last time I had something tailored for me was when I was 15 at Brooks Brothers.  

My modeling days are behind me
My modeling days are behind me