January 25th, 2021

A day made to frustrate me

Not the first thing but nearly so I spilled half a cup of coffee on my desk, keyboard and mouse.  I have a spare keyboard and mouse but I suspect the keyboard I typically use, an ergonomic one that has lasted many years, is going to be too sticky now and so will be replaced.  Since it is old it is not a huge deal.  And the desk is covered with a really nice pad, currently hanging in the shower, and a sheet of glass.  Not the worst of disasters but really annoying.

Then I go to T-Mobile to change over my phone and my wife's phone.  Our MintMobile experiment is, sadly, at an end.  The reception for Mint is pretty good most places but at our house.  While that is not a big deal for me it is for my wife who uses a lot of MMS (multimedia text messaging) and several of her friends do not work.  The texts get to her phone but just stop there with a circle saying 'downloading' that never stops.  I spent a bunch of time with Mint trying to find a solution but never could and they finally gave up.  So, back to T-Mobile which is about 3 times the price.  

So I thought I'd go to a T-Mobile store to make it easy.  Nope.  The woman there seemed more interested in throwing hurtles at me than helping me work through them.  And she really wanted me to get their more expensive plan and said by the time you add tax to the cheaper plan they are the same.  Which is not true.  She did the calculations and it was $72/year difference.  Nearly 10%.  Not a lot but not nothing.  

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