February 2nd, 2021

Resigned to do it the long way

In an hour the classes to learn Turbo Tax support for my gig begin.  I had been doing it on my own, independent study, and was maybe a day from being done.  But I received an email last night saying that the cutoff for independent study was noon yesterday and that I'd automatically be put into the regular training.  Meaning I'd wasted my time and now had to sit through classes covering material I'd done already and that has already been marked as successful.  And it delays my paid work start date.  

Much of the problem is the disorganization of the company.  Too many hands involved when a hierarchic structure would be far better.  There is no I in team, nor is there a common structure with clear, concise writing and goals.  The result is there are maybe four different calendars spread out over the different sites and no indication which to follow.  And the messaging is so concerned with being entertaining by using colors and a variety of fonts and LOTS!!! of junior high school exclamation punctuation that the meaning is hard to WhoHOO!!!! follow.    

OK, I feel better now.  There is much more curmudgeon talk going on in my brain but I've lowered the pressure some and we have CLASS!!!! soon.  So I need to get on my cheer outfit.

So much I miss about the military.

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Never as bad as I think

I do whine a lot.  Back in the olden days I had a commanding officer who said it was OK to whine as long as you admitted it is what you were doing.  So I'd walk up to him sitting in his bridge chair and say "request permission to whine, sir" and he'd light a cigarette (yup) and I'd start into whatever it was I wanted to complain about.  He'd just chuckle and say.  "Ya' done?" and we'd move on.  He was a good guy and I was lucky to have him as a CO (the asshole XO made up for him).

After all the complaining about having to redo stuff it looks like it won't be too bad.  We spent much of the morning teaching people (24 in our 'wave') how to create a folder and save a bookmark.  My eyes glazed over on that pretty quickly and I played at other things.  But at the end when they said that class we dismissed to work on the modules I'd completed already, I got a pass and was cut loose.  So, I don't have to re watch the video that compares the versions of TurboTax to flavors of yogurt.  Really.  And that is supposed to help?

I worked a bit on the last few I have to complete so I can stay ahead without having to push it.  And then worked on our taxes which is more interesting now I see both sides.  We can't file until we get the last of the investment info in a couple of weeks but I'll have it all done by them.  Of course, we will not have last year's done yet since the IRS is still processing them.  But I suspect we'll have 2020 done before 2019.