February 4th, 2021

80 degrees and 0 tissues

It is 80 (26 ish) degrees here.  

For those of you in the north east enjoy that for a bit.

Zoe and I did our walk in shorts and a sun shirt pretty much like summer.  Also like summer, no runny nose.  Zero.  I'm guessing that the Jasmine (or Cedar) has gone away now and I survived another year.  I had a pocket full of tissues and didn't use one.

It is supposed to go down to 23 (-5) this time next week.

My mornings are filled with TurboTax stuff now.  It is actually enjoyable for the most part.  Like back in my Quickbooks days when I was working.  But getting used to BEING somewhere on time and staying there is a little weird.  We're a week away from going 'live' but I could do it now.  Which is a nice feeling.  

I've got the last two episodes of The Expanse waiting for me and most of Red Mars to read so I have things to do.  This whole wanting me to work on a schedule thing is kind of annoying.