February 11th, 2021

Just a little weather insanity

It is 29 (-1.6) degrees and raining here.  With lightening and thunder.  A regular summer squall in February.

I've got the first live work with TurboTax so I'm not going anywhere but if the temp goes down anymore I'll be watching cars on glass roads with my Nest Cam.  

Hopefully it will warm up enough to be safe for Dana to go fetch our groceries this afternoon.  It would be nice but not critical to get the grocery run in before the temp drops this weekend.  We have enough to get by but will have a cushion if we get what I've got on order.

Got coffee, putting together notes, ready to commute to work.

Too much day today

We had thunder sleet this morning.  Rain at 29 degrees.  Then more sleet, a lot of it.  Now the streets are perfectly wet, just ready for a couple of degrees drop in temp to get a good game of car hockey going.

Oh, yeah, and in the middle of that we lost power for long enough to drop the cell tower and the cable access (aka Internets) right when I was supposed to go live on calls.  Nice part of the Nest thermostat is it continues to work without the Internet.  Goes to its last setting.

So I had to get everything spun up again and logged back into the TT system so I could officially be cleared in training by talking to a real person.  Finally got that done and took three calls.  All were interesting, all happy for the help and easy to work with.  I think the system routes us the easy calls for the first 60 or so.  I managed to get through without giving too much bad advice.  So what if that one lady is mailing her return to Croatia.  I'm sure they will forward it.

And then I took the dogs for a walk in the icy slush.  They said they wanted to go.  It is amazing watching Zoe try to walk without actually touching the ground.  They were both happy to be back in the house.

Now I've got a YouTube channel of a fire place on my Roku in the bedroom and I'm going to get some hot chocolate and read.