February 13th, 2021

Taxing support

So the schedule is open today for anyone who wants to work.  And, with little else to do I'll probably take up a couple or three hours and see if I can help some people.  Having really only worked one day the angst is still high and my help takes forever.  On the up side I had some great conversations yesterday while we waited from some tier 2 to answer my question.  It was fun for the most part talking to the people who call in.  So far they are just happy to be talking to a real person and getting help.  

Once I get better at it I'll enjoy it more.  I've only obligated for 10 hours a week, signed up for about 15 a week for the next month, and can hop on and do more if I want.  The calls are backed up so logging on means immediate calls back to back.  They do not time us on the call, we can take long as we want.  They do grade us and listen to the recording (do not want THAT job) with both AI and human but there is no time expectation which is really nice.  

Unlike Seattle, where I can see in the susandennis front door camera that they have streets filled with snow, our roads are dry.  Everything else is covered with ice so there is certainly a fear of power outages.  But other than that we are snug, full of food, and able to safely go somewhere if we want to.  We don't really need anything so I'll likely do some online work and then just watch some Aussie Open matches recorded last night.

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