February 16th, 2021

My CPAP does not seem to work without power

Most of the houses in this area heat and cool with a heat pump.  We have gas, fortunately, but that does not save us from the heat pump problems.  This county can have months of 100 degree + weather and no power outages but get the temp down to 4 like last night and we have rolling blackouts.  Heat pumps are inefficient in the extreme at the heat part of the equation especially when the condenser is covered in ice.

Last night they shut off power three times which, since both my wife and I sleep with CPAP devices, means we didn't sleep much and when we did it was really restless.  And today I feel like I've got a cold sore throat caused by trying to get air when I did sleep.  It will go away in a day or so and hopefully we will keep power through the night.  

And our pipes in the bathroom with external walls froze.  

The heat is back on and I jacked it up to 67 hoping we can get enough heat to the bathroom to keep the pipes from getting worse.  

And I'm supposed to work today.  Not motivated to help other people but probably what I need to do.  

But we've got food (Dinnerly cancelled for the week, though) and we're both fine and healthy and online as long as they stop killing the juice.  And we have a second bathroom with hot water and a shower so I see that in my future.

ON again Off agin

Two hours of no power this morning so far.  I'm expecting it to go down again.  Fortunately we have a gas stove so no issue eating or making tea/hot chocolate/coffee.  A huge benefit.

And I get to wear a favorite sweater I never wear.

It was given to me by someone in the Perth yacht club during our port visit in Bunbery, WA sometime in the early 80's when I was on USS Barbey.

I do not keep much 'stuff' but this sweater has survived all purges and is comfortable enough to wear in the house or on the sailboat I'll never have again.