February 18th, 2021

2020 redux

I'm drinking hot coffee in a warm house so everything else is in the context that I'm basically whining.  We're not in a shelter and we are all healthy and fairly warm and safe.

Our pipes have not burst.  Of course I won't know that for certain until it gets warmer in a couple of days.  But I think we're OK.  

We had electricity all night, a pleasant surprise.  With my CPAP I'm very aware of electric outages.  Without it I'd likely sleep through but when the air pressure I need to breathe comfortably drops it tends to wake me.

With the stable electricity the water company can start getting their treatment facility back online.  The toilet was filled this morning and we have a trickle of water.  I'm sure it is contaminated so the pots Dana filled before this started and the case of water bottles she has are gold.  It is nice living with a paranoid woman sometimes.  I just cruise along figuring I'll handle whatever comes.  She worries.  It is a good combination.

We never lost natural gas.  Having a gas stovetop was/is wonderful.  I can cook nearly anything and we can boil water without needing electricity.

I suspect we'll be boiling water for a week.  The utility web site and notification system is barely past yelling from one ranch to the next to boil the water out of the well.  They are at least a day behind in posting news.  NextDoor has been more reliable, which is a really sad commentary that I will be passing on to city council.

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