February 24th, 2021

Bad teeth — end of an era

In college I discovered theater.   My first performance before an audience was one of poetry (as was my last as it turned out).   I entered the theater from the back with swag, a black turtle neck and a beret.  Clicking my fingers to the beat in my head the others picked up the beat with their own clicks and I said:

     it was like this when
                             we waltz into this place
a couple of Papish cats
                            is doing an Aztec two-step
And I says
                Dad let's cut
but then this dame
                      comes up behind me see
                                      and says
                          You and me could really exist
Wow I says
                  Only the next day
                       she has bad teeth
                                 and really hates

RIP Lawrence Ferlinghetti