February 26th, 2021

First Friday

I was paid $98 yesterday.  Not sure if it was for my first partial day or some of the training or what but it is money.  And it is Friday, my fist in a long while.

Both before and after my last gig Friday was a day like any of the other seven but for putting out and retrieving trash cans.  All days were the same.  Now I've got a weekend.

I'll actually enjoy not having anything to do other than a trip to Costco Saturday morning (dog bones, cat treats, steak... something for everyone).

But today I've got 10 — 14:30 with a half hour break at 11.  Another 15 or so people to talk to, to help, and hopefully to enjoy.  Hopefully the people will be fun and the problems small.

Then walking Zoe, an even that has moved to just after end of my shift.  It is a good event moving outside after being constrained to computer and people for four hours.

Yesterday I listened to the Hacks On Tap podcast and started to think about the congressional races.  They have started.  I get fund raising messages already.  

Bumper sticker for every Dem in 2022:

Covid Down, Wages Up

The bright side is we will be in the middle of the largest economic expansion in my lifetime in 2022 lead by someone whose legacy will be that of one of the greatest politicians, humanitarians, statesperson, and leaders in my lifetime.