February 28th, 2021

Exhausted before lunch

I'm just now eating one of those huge Costco muffins (lemon and raspberry) for breakfast at 11:30 after taking two walks, one for each dog, gone to Costco and to HEB and unpacked everything.  It was a good run.  Much as I don't like Costco I did manage to get a couple of needed things without too much crap, always a challenge.  I think next time it rolls around I'll not renew.  We end up getting stuff we don't need or I get the three or four things I really need and then wonder why I'm in the store.

One interesting thing I really wanted to see at Costco was the Turbotax display.  I could not remember how much getting it at Costco saved.  Turns out it works out to a penny less at Costco and really, if you do taxes early (which I can't do since I don't get all my inputs until end of March) there is a significant discount online so the Costco deal, like many of them, is not a deal.

I did manage to get one set of beef medallions that is really what I went for.  They are three inches thick and not huge but they are restaurant grade at a fraction of the cost.  I'll let them dry out in the refrigerator until at least tomorrow.  I've got shallots for a good sauce and potatoes to bake and a leftover okra/tomato mix that is a little too spicy but good.  And qualifies as a green vegetable.

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