April 3rd, 2021

Tripping to Costco

Now I'm half vaccined I am a lot more comfortable doing the crowd thing.  So Costco in mid morning was the order of the day.  Everyone was masked so I was comfortable and really did not pay any attention to proximity until I was actually crowding someone in line.  She didn't react but I realized it was kind of tacky so I backed off.  Things are changing for the better.

After doing my taxes online (but not completing them) I realized that the tax software was going to be pricey so I checked at Costco to see if the IRL version was less and it was.  So I bought one and they actually had me wait while they unlocked the cage to give me a CD.  It was so quaint.  I got it back home and ran through the taxes again and this version has me paying $1300 more than the online version.  So I'm gonna' be going through both to see what's what.  I can't file yet anyway since I'm waiting for a final K1 that was due to me two weeks ago and, of course, the company has their head up their ass and I won't get it until May.  Fortunately the gov'ment is OK with the delay to the 15th since they haven't finished my taxes from 2019 and owe me money.

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