April 10th, 2021

Zoe in the pool

We returned from our Zoewalk just now and, as usual, she hit the pool to cool off her paws:

Wading babe
Wading babe

She does this nearly every day when we return.  Just goes out, walks into the pool, bites at the water a couple of times and comes back in.  I'm just happy she doesn't ask for a pedicure.

Other than that it is a glorious do nothing day.  I'm ready for some french toast and eggs and likely a quick trip to the store which I can do with no fear now I'm vaccinated.  What a difference.

I've got a list of things I've been putting off until I'm vaccinated like get the kitchen vent fan replaced with one that works.  Since that required a trip to the showroom I was putting it off.  Now I'm ready.  There are other things.  I need to make a list, a plan.  A man a plan a canal Panama.

But first, breakfast.