April 12th, 2021


Last four days of work.  It has been interesting and I known a lot more about how the IRS works now, much more useful than knowing how Peloton works.  All in all I'm glad I did the gig.  It helped a little with my bank account too, always a plus.

But it is time to move on.  I've got a list and things to do and this work crap just seems to get in the way.  

So another 14 hours over 4 days.  

Up this morning and did the Zoewalk and shower and sweet roll (actually a disappointment...  another project to work on) and coffee.  I'll do my usual break at 11:30 and have a protein shake.  That part of the routine is a good one that I'll likely keep.  The walk and anything else done outside is only possible in the early from here until next fall.

For the moment I need one more cup of coffee to fill my Ember coffee cup before we kick off the phone work.  

You have to start somewhere

This does not look like an auspicious beginning but I'm getting used to the equipment whittling down to the simplest useful thing I can think of, a butter spreader.  

First day
First day

The piece of wood is about an inch shorter than I'd like but I'm just working through process making my mistakes on something I don't so much care about and doesn't cost much.

I did get a great set of sharpening stones for $35.  Four stones with a box you can see above.  I had a leather strop so I was able to sharpen my knife to a razor blade.  It is a very good Case knife so it sharpened well and holds its edge.  

I'll get this down to something resembling a spreader then sand it and oil it and see if I can make it useful.

Once I've done that and then likely again just to try different things I'll move onto something I really want which is a flat combination small spatula/spoon.  But I need a 13" piece of wood for that.  We'll see how it works out.  More to follow.

It was nice just listening to a podcast and slowly removing curls of wood.