April 15th, 2021

Nature laughs at me

Now I've said it won't rain and the wild flowers aren't out it was wonderfully cool and misty this morning and will likely rain later today.  And the flowers nearly doubled in a couple of days:

Our zoewalk today
Our zoewalk today

Now nature is throwing things at me

I get home from a quick trip with Hoss into town for some gingham and the damn sky is falling:

No golf ball but big enough to hurt if it had hit me
No golf ball but big enough to hurt if it had hit me

Actually the largest hail I've seen so I'm glad I got my car in the garage just before it started falling.

Geez, one comment about the lack of weather around here and all this.... 

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I'm done with work but couldn't quite pull my foot back in the car.  I told them I was 'off for the season' which means I'm on the list to be contacted again next October when they start tax season again.  We'll see.  

My problem is I love the 15% or so I can really help.  But the mind numbing repetitious questions from people who just have decided to go through life knowing more about the Kardashians than how their country operates.  It was the the same issue I had running a computer company.  People being willfully ignorant and expecting me to wave a magic wand and make it all go away.

But the 15%.  I helped a physician resident who had one more year of his residency to go, figure out a way to get help setting up his father's estate.  He just needed someone to talk to and I had all the time in the world and a few good ideas.  

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