May 1st, 2021

It is just going to rain for a while

You'd think since I don't do much else I'd have some idea of what is coming weatherwise but apparently not.  I just did look and it seems we'll have a couple of days to dry off enough I can cut the grass but it has been humid and raining now for three days.  I LOVE it but really did not know it was coming.  Our bank o' plants is coming right along (he says as if he's put any work into it):

Mostly indigenous plants will do well this year and be spectacular next year.  And the pool stays full for Zoe
Mostly indigenous plants will do well this year and be spectacular next year. And the pool stays full for Zoe

I've got shopping to do today, I guess.  We need Almond milk and eggs and nothing that can't wait until Monday when the stores are less full so never mind.  

My copy of The Stand expires today and I'm only 54% of the way through the 1348 page tome.  I've got a few mins left to finish the chapter I'm on and I'll pick it up when it comes available again in the library.  Meanwhile I've got half a dozen books that Amazon gave me for free to read, a monthly perk of membership that I use less often that I could.

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And rain it is

All day...  sweeping showers and flash floods.  I'm nice and dry and comfy in our house having completely disregarded any thoughts of shopping.  My wife, however, decided that today would be a good day to go to Ikea (as if there was ever one)  and get a small cabinet for her meds.  

I'm happily sitting around reading and watching the rain.  And watching our backyard river grow:

The Schubert rill
The Schubert rill

It is fed from the uphill neighbors and flows down to a storm drain on the other side of the fence.  When we first moved in they blocked off the drain during one of these deluges and the water backed up to nearly our door before Dana waded out and pulled the blockage.  And the following week they put up the blockage again.  Their thought was that they need to keep construction debris out of the drain.  Mine was that we had just built our house and I would not be thrilled with having it flood.

I took pictures and told them that my insurance company had a pretty good lawyer and they might want to stop blocking the drain.  So they did.

This sight will be even lovelier in a year or two when it is grown up and full of wild flowers.

A double win

Not only did I solve the problem of casting the FC Austin web site game broadcast to our Roku, the club celebrated with me by winning! They played fairly well and good enough to beat the Minneapolis Loons.

Go Groot! 2 wins so far!!