May 20th, 2021

Brief tribute

I 'met' someone on LJ who I found out today died last week.  I did not even know her full name until today nor did I need to.  Nor did I know her life story.  Over time I had gleaned a lot but turns out it was a small percentage.  Some people burn very brightly and she was one.  Easily one of the goofiest people I've run across.  She'd dance to her own tune in people's Ring recordings.  And arrange silly videos of friends dancing to one song or another.  Her LJ is full of such as well as selfies of paddling on Peugeot Sound.  All while openly fighting through a hysterectomy, cancer and being on her own during a pandemic.  And finally letting go.

LJ helps me keep people at an arms length while not losing touch entirely.  Every now and then a tendril creeps through to rattle my humanity cage.

Via Con Dios wildcelticrose2 .  

Turning into one of those weeks

We've had a cat (acquired against my wishes 16 years ago) who has gone rapidly downhill and now has, IMHO, full out dementia along with feline HIV and old age.  He eats only treats (ok.. that part he and I have in common) and has a tendency to sit in the middle of a room and just yowl.  I think he's gone deaf and just every now and then doesn't know what is happening and is not pleased about it (well, maybe we have a lot in common).  He also stopped grooming himself, a sign among many others that he's ready to move on.  Dana and I think he's in pain much of the time and so have scheduled him for euthanasia.  Tomorrow.  We've been talking about it for a while and decided in the middle of the night when he woke us up with one of his primal screams.

We've got two wonderful dogs and I won't much miss having a cat.  But after 16 years there will be a hole in the house for a while.  I'll be happy to get my bathroom back from having a litterbox in the tub.  And fewer balls of fur floating around the floor.  We'll never have another cat.  At 67 I'm carefully considering any animal that depends on me.  Zoe is 12 now and I'll likely not replace her unless I find a canine senior citizen that needs to take someone on short walks and hang out and read.  

But I'll suggest to Fritter that he go find my LJ cat lady friend.  They would get along.