June 1st, 2021

7 and a half hours driving Texas

So I survived a day of driving on Memorial Day Texas roads.  Didn't even have my trusty sidearm.  Fortunately we're not yet required to carry guns.  Soon enough.

Meanwhile I drove from home to a farm an hour away to pick up what turned out to be two of the three CASA kids.  One has decided to stay in Houston.  The two younger half brothers are going to the adoptive home up here.  The lack of Internet on the farm split the boys.  The younger two don't care as much.  The older brother fancies he has a career in EA Sports.  He might.  I don't know.  But no Internet was not a choice for him.

So I picked up the two boys, ages 13 and 12, and drove them two and a half hours south east to Houston.  I had sent the route to both houses having never been to either and got a thumb's up from them.  So I knew the routes were correct but did not think to download them.  No Internet means NO INTERNET.  No Googles.  No map.  Ah, the things we take for granted.  I headed vaguely south until I got back to civilization and got a clue.  Easy from there.  Not much traffic in the morning and we made it about when I thought we should have with only a delay at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard.

Then a turn around and reversal of course with only one stop for gas on the way back.  Fortunately the traffic was backed up going south and fairly clear my direction.  And I had a good audio book.  I left at about 8AM and got back at about 3:45.  My inner ear was off all night from a day of motion.

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