June 20th, 2021

I folded

The Austin FC game was last night (did not start until 8:15, about 45 mins before I usually go to bed).  The games are broadcast nationally!!! if you pay for the right obscure, otherwise useless channels.  I couldn't bring myself to do it.  The game might have been on Twitter and I could have cast it to my TV but I'm not sure.  

We caved and went to our local BJ's bar and restaurant.  I actually love BJ's.  It is as close to a neighborhood vibe as a brand can be and the bartenders are always really wonderful.  We've spent a lot of time at the bar watching football.  They did have the right channel available so we stayed.

No masks on us, on the people at the bar, on the bartender.  The kitchen staff still wear masks seen as they come in and out with orders.  

The ceiling is 30+ feet high and there is a lot of circulation so it is as good an environment as you can get without being outside (probably more dangerous in the heat than being in).

Austin FC fought to a tie.  They played pretty well and should have gotten a couple of goals but just didn't finish.  Considering the pressure they were under as the first home game ever they did OK.  You could see the sweat dripping off all the players and most of the fans.

I had three beers with our potato skins and chicken wings.  My first in several months.  The other thing I like about BJ's is they have a really nice selection of beer so I at least had two of the darker kind I like and one Heineken out of respect for the Austin Verde.  

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