June 28th, 2021

Busy, busy

This is a very busy time for me.  Wimbledon started today and the third day of the Tour De CrashFrance was today.  I love watching both.  So I love YouTubeTV's unlimited recordings.  

The Tour gets a little tedious during the days, especially sprint days with none of the hill climbing when they do 200+ miles mostly in a group.  I'm able to watch the last quarter of the day when most of the competitive action happens anyway.  With the time difference their day is mostly done before I start watching so I can pick and choose.

Pretty much the same with Tennis.  I'm able to watch what I want and skip the commercials.

Sad for mrdreamjeans but it was nice to see an American male win the first round.  It meant that Tsitsipas lost which was too bad.  Djokovic actually lost a set and the crowd applauded the guy who took it from him.  And an American woman, Sloan Stevens, won her first round so all in all a good kick off of my favorite tournament. 

And, of course, watching these two makes me want to both ride my bike and play tennis.  My arthritis tells me to pick riding over tennis so I'm off shortly to do some trail riding in what will likely end up being the rain.