June 30th, 2021

Another lost Tour stage

I did try today.  It was individual time trials but I failed miserably.  They finished in 33 minutes.  It took me an hour and a half for about the same distance.  In my defense I was riding a mountain bike with fat tires.

After retabulation taking into account age and bicycle I actually did OK.  No yellow jersey for me though.  Not yet.  

That is the longest I've ridden in a while and I really should have had more water and a bar to eat.  I kind of crashed physically towards the end.  But it was really nice to be exhausted in a good effort again.  Tomorrow is definitely going to be a day off other than walking Zoe.

I went by the bike shop and made arrangements to get one bike tuned up and one converted from fat tire to medium tire while I'm in Seattle.  Then I'll be ready to go some more when I get back.  

The Peloton will just have to wait for me.