July 1st, 2021

Day off

When I was in the Navy I used to run 2+ miles every day just to stay loose with longer distances on the weekend when I had more time.  After a 15K in my late 40s that I could barely finish due to what turned into many years later a hip replacement, I started riding a bike rather than running.  I've tried to run a bit since then but it will never happen again.  Fortunately I love biking.  My rough calculations are that I've put in more than 50,000 miles on a series of bikes.  Probably more than that.  

While I ran the computer company a few years ago I would get up at 6:30 and ride 20 miles a day five or six days a week.  I think it kept me alive and healthy during the stressful period of learning about and surviving owning a small business.  

Getting my hip replaced a few years ago slowed me down some and I did not ride much.  Then year before last my opposite knee stopped me riding at all.  But Zoe made me walk until we routinely walk every morning without fail.  That kept me in surprisingly good balance and movement shape.  So now I'm riding again.  But oddly I've gotten older and maybe need a little more rest. 

This morning my mind says go, get on the bike.  But the other part of my mind says that was an hour and a half on the bike yesterday that ended in good old fashion exhaustion.  So maybe I need to take a day off.  

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