July 5th, 2021


I'm not a jingoist type at all and bristle when someone says THIS place is better, THESE people are better.  The head of the Chamber of Commerce here was a very smart man and was a great cheer leader for the community.  He once said how wonderful it was to be in the greatest city of the greatest state of the greatest country in the world (he stopped at the greatest planet.. but likely would have included that too had he thought of it).  I've been trying to wrap my head around that sort of cultural competition ever since.  In a world where clearly a rising tide floats all boats (or floods all land, as it were) it is anathema to me to think that I'm better than someone who lives on the plains of the Serengeti or the hills of Peru.  And having lived in more places than anyone I know I can absolutely say that THIS place is no better.  And I'm not better.  I'm just infinitely lucky.

But I was reminded last night of a greatness that this country does have and where and how I became enraptured one day:

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