July 21st, 2021

Medical done for the week

Turns out my orthopedist who replaced my knee and hip only does legs.  There are hand specialists, hip/knee specialists, and shoulder specialists.  And don't forget elbows.  He referred me after looking at my shoulder x-ray 'that's a mess'.  

I made an appointment for a month from now with a shoulder specialist so we'll see what he thinks.  I'm still not 100% on getting it replaced but seeing my bone on bone socket and ball in the x-ray I'm a little more leaning that way.  

Then dentist today.  Just a routine but those tend to develop into more bigger appointments that involve an army of people and implements in my mouth for hours.  Not today, though.  Just a cleaning (one person and all her tools for an hour) and a look around.  Nothing to see here.  See you in six months.

Otherwise I'm just putting things away and returning my life to its normal self.  I did get my bike number two back.  It is all set with non-mountain bike tires mounted on a shock absorbed frame with lots of gears.  So it is ready to go.  I did see it needs some cleaning.  Tomorrow is a quiet one on my calendar.  I've got to get acclimated again after a week in cool Seattle.  So tomorrow morning, I think.  Just need to decide trail or road.