July 24th, 2021

Unsocial media

LJ is only one of two social medias I follow and it barely qualifies as being in that category.  The other is Next Door and I only use it as a local news paper seldom going beyond the headlines.  Unfortunately I did today and nothing good came of it.

Someone posted whining about the government once again forcing us to wear masks.  That myth opened the floodgates of every cranky Q oriented neighbor in a ten mile radius ending with a short screed blasting Megan Rapinoe for being anti American and...  I stopped reading shortly there after.

In general the gist of thought by the white central Texas intellectual elite was to stop watching the fear mongering TV networks because the statistics are skewed especially since Soros and Gates bought all the testing labs and blah, blah, blah.

Having dipped my toe into the cesspool I think I'll take a shower.

Aborted ride

After getting my road bike tuned I was ready to go for a ride.  Unfortunately the people that tuned up my bike did the cardinal sin of working on someone's bike.  They didn't return my saddle height to the same as it was before.  I'm sure they will say they did and it is my fault for not marking it before I gave it to them especially since I thought about it.  But I figured a pro shop would routinely tape the tube where it enters the frame.  I fixed computers, not bikes and know to do that.  

So my seat was too low.  For a cycle person this is critical.  For an old person who already had one knee replaced this is very critical.  When I got the bike I paid someone who had been trained to adjust it for me and he spent some time getting it just so.  To low or high and it screwed up your knees.  Kind of important.

Rather than riding today I spent the time adjusting the saddle and testing with a ride.  Readjusting and testing again.  It will take me a couple of rides to be sure but I'm closer than it was and I'm ready to ride now.


Meanwhile here is the picture of my off road bike now that it has hybrid tires.

29 inch mountain bike converted to hybrid
29 inch mountain bike converted to hybrid

It is a great bike.  Nearly indestructible.  You can see the front shocks.  My wrists love them.  And you can see how big the tires are.  Makes for a really nice ride.  It is heavier and slower than my street bike but has way more gears so it is excellent for short steep climbs and crusing.