July 25th, 2021

Good day on my readjusted bike

After walking Zoe this morning I sat for a few minutes then sucked down some water, filled my bottle, ate a pack of GU and rode out.  The morning temp was under 80 (26.7) degrees and not too much wind so it was a good day to ride.  I did my 8 mile circuit twice riding for about an hour and 10 minutes and feel pretty good at the end.  It was 86 when I was done.  I was a little over heated but not too much.  

All in all a success.  Knees are good so the bike is set up right again.  I'm ready to go farther next time.  Add another five or so miles and some more hill time (not hard to do around here).   

Toby was feeling the pressure of susandennis 's Biggie getting all the hunting recognition so he's been working on his lizard hunting skills.  He periodically asks to go out into the back yard (he's a total inside dog so it is a bit unusual when he wants to go outside) and proceeds to chase lizards.  Yesterday he caught one and walked back with it in his mouth.  He lay it down and kind of sat next to it.  The lizard played possum.  Toby got distracted, moved away, and the lizard disappeared.  Toby didn't seem to care.  He's not much of a killer, just in for the chase.  

Time for some more Olympics.