September 1st, 2021

Open week

This week is the first of the US Open tennis tournament in NYC.  It is the greatest of luxuries to be able to watch it during the day and during a time that they broadcast it from 11 in the morning.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first couple of days including Djokovic last night.

Yesterday morning I weighed myself and got a weird reading so I did it twice more and got two different readings.  I looked on Amazon and they had a same day delivery of what turned out to be a pretty neat scale total cost of $30.  As expected  the measurement came out different.  Unexpectedly it was half a pound less.  And it measures all kinds of stuff, body fat, body without fat, muscle mass, etc.  All of it bad.  Kind of made up for the half pound less that said I was.  So still some work to do.  No major changes.  Just a few small ones all the time.