September 4th, 2021

19 days and 8 pounds into Noom

No real surprises.  I'm about halfway through the training and it is fairly predictable.  The reason why it works is that it is not a diet.  Really nothing to do with a diet if a diet is about restricting one thing or another.  It is just about being sensible and mindful.  Within those two parameters you can pretty much eat anything, do anything.  

I'm exercising a bit more but not so much.  If the days would cool down to the low 90's I'd get out more but September is going to be the hottest month of the summer and there are still people intent on giving me a virus inside so my choices are a little limited.  But I'm riding my bike a bit more than I was.  The biggest change is they have a great way of logging food and just that reporting what I eat is enough.  The app gauges the quality and quantity and nudges me in the right direction.  But the whole thing is about incremental changes that are permanent rather than wholesale changes that are dramatic but short lived.

The interesting thing is that a coach (everyone is assigned a coach and a group) can see all the stats I've entered in the app.  So any discussion is based on that.  'Let's see if we can identify some of this food group you might like to have for lunch.'  It does save a lot of time.

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Just got smarter

I picked up my Smart Car from Mercedes this morning.  So happy to have it back.  They did some adjustment on the clutch but not what the Googles say was the problem.  I think I'm done with Mercedes.  They had something like 40 cars ahead of me when I brought it in but didn't bother to tell me that or contact me for several days.  I had to call them repeatedly to find out what was the status.   There is a Smart specialty place an hour from us.  A PIA to get to but a whole place full of Smart Cars and Smart Car specialists is worth it, I think.  I've got 66k on the car and would like to double or triple that.  So time to do some routine maintenance.  Better than a car payment.

Meanwhile back in NYC, I've been riveted to some of the US Open matches and rewarded with a couple of the best I've ever seen.  And the obnoxious crowd in NY does not disappoint.  They are not a group you want to have cheering against you but will carry someone they like on their cheers to a win.  It is something to see.  An 18 kid I'd never heard of played some miraculous shots time after time for 4 hours last night and likely could have played for another four.  It was so fun to see the mantle pass from the older players to the younger generation, something I've seen many times in my life.

And being able to hear in my head my mom cluck in derision when John McEnroe talks is priceless.