September 5th, 2021

The week

I just checked my schedule this week and it is empty other than US Open.  Dana and I tried to get her military ID card renewed on Friday.  It is a 45 minute drive down into Austin to a base and still a little PIA from there.  Usually a half day ordeal at best.  Got there only to find out they had closed to make a four day holiday.  I wouldn't have minded if they had it on a web site or on their phone message.  But not much we could do.  So Tuesday we'll try again.  We've still got a month before it expires but I don't want to put it off.

I'm so happy to have my car back!  It is running fine and I now park in the very end of the space where the problem of no reverse happened.  If I don't have reverse again I can crank over the steering wheel and go out forward.  So nice to have a car that only uses up half a space.  I actually think they did not fix what was the issue but I'm just going to be careful where I park and now worry about it.  I can push the car back as long as it is not on a hill.

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