September 7th, 2021

Another run at the ID card office

We're heading out shortly to Austin to see if we can get Dana's ID card renewed.  Second attempt.  First time was Friday when we discovered after we got there that they had taken the day off and closed the office.  Fingers crossed.  She's only got another three weeks before it expires.

On the way back we're stopping to drop off some paperwork at her gastro doc office.  He wants her to take something for her stomach that costs $188 a month and not covered by insurance.  We could do it but it is a lot of money.  The company that makes the drug has an assistance program as do they all.  So I printed off the paperwork and we filled it out and are leaving it at the docs for his part to fill out and send on.  I'm hopeful.  We fall within the income range which is actually pretty high (7 x the poverty level for two according to the government web site).  I really have no idea what to expect but they are not asking for a credit card or anything so maybe if you qualify they just give it to you.  Got to love the system.

Once we drop that off we'll be back home for the day.  

We had a huge thunderstorm deluge yesterday.  Completely unexpected but welcome.  Nothing bad happened with the lightening other than a second's power loss and we got a lot of free watering.  Really nice.

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