September 9th, 2021

Money talks

There was a clothing store in Union, New Jersey when I lived in NYC.  The AM radio station WABC was filled with the tag line "Money talks, nobody walks, Dennison's Clothier open 10AM to 5AM."  I hear the money talks, nobody walks line frequently in a lot of different places. Recently when reading about a new Samsung manufacturing plant that might be opening in our neighborhood (actually a ways from us but in our tax base):

One of the largest economic development projects in the history of Texas is close to being built in Williamson County.

In a Sept. 8 joint meeting of the Williamson County Commissioners Court and the city of Taylor, economic agreements were unanimously approved by both bodies to partner with Samsung for a $17 billion semiconductor manufacturing plant to be constructed in Taylor.

Here is the chance to leverage something Texas really wants and things Texas should not have.  I'm hoping the activists around here will start banging the pots and pans and warn the Samsung people off.  In the big picture whether Texas gets this deal or not is questionably a good thing.  The more people bitch about how bad Silicon Valley is, the more they try to bring it all here and fill their pockets.  So I'd really love to see a crash and burn of this deal over the rabid anti-social agenda of, as texasts calls him, Gov Wheels and his ilk.  I'm not investing a lot of emotion that it will happen because, as they say: Money talks... 

Summer is not over but

We did have the first day of fall here.  It was not so hot this morning.  

Over the past couple or three months, by the time I'm headed back to my car on my early morning walk I've got sweat dripping from my fingers and my shirt is soaked all the way through.  Today it was nearly dry.  So I decided to take off on my bike when I got back.

Never really left the neighborhood.. still did almost 13 miles
Never really left the neighborhood.. still did almost 13 miles

It was a nice ride.  I had the Reverend Leon and his Shelter People Choir on my headset, the wind was minimal, the sun was out and the temp was not too bad.  All in all a very satisfactory bike ride.

Now maybe some carbohydrates.