September 10th, 2021

No fines, we'll just take it back

I was down to my last 10% of a Kindle library book when it expired and now I have to wait for likely a week or so until it becomes available again.  It is a SF book, not a mystery so not a huge problem.  I've got it bookmarked in my Kindle and will just pick it up again.  But that is one thing I miss about IRL books.  You could weight the cost of daily fines vs finishing the book.  And frequently could just take it back to the library and have it re-loaned immediately.  Just another date stamp.  But now, it is just a message saying 'we took it back'.  Worth the advantage of not having to go anywhere to get it anyway but still.

And I miss the librarians.  And the Dewey Decimal System.

No biking today.  I actually had a bit of a wobble in the front wheel of my mountain bike so I took it to the bike guy who adjusted something or other.  I need to go pick it up having forgotten to do so on my way to or from Costco this morning.    Just flitting all around today.

But I'm resting a bit.  In fact I need to go get the damn wheel before the nap hour sneaks past.  I could use a good nap.