September 11th, 2021

So brave

I managed to survive the medical burial they call an MRI.  They put headphones on me playing Beethoven which took me back to  'A Clockwork Orange' dissonance training.  But never mind that.  I think most people hate the noise.  That doesn't bother me.  Looking up at an overhead that is inches from me knowing I can't get out of the tube.. that's another thing.  I kept my eyes closed the entire time and was able to be elsewhere.  That and the Xanax seemed to do the trick

The afternoon watching great tennis made up for it.  Now if only Austin FC were to beat Houston I'd be really happy.

Meanwhile back at the [diet] change in lifestyle.  I love having a bit of sweet in the evenings.  I don't really require much.  A couple of graham crackers or one of those pudding cups is fine.  Chocolate is ALWAYS fine.  It is not a requirement but I do like it and there are a lot of low cal, low sugar, almost good for you versions.  I had a four pack of the sugar free dark chocolate and it was fine but it had milk in it and Dana can't tolerate lactose.  There is a pudding cup that is made from almond milk but I realized that in the time it takes to find it and order it I can make my own.  I LOVE having ingredients in my cupboard for things I want to make.  

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