Back to the bunker — what is going on in Texas

My second day of searching with some intent for a vaccine was fruitless.  No fruit at all.  I still think that there will be one available this week or next and I'm trying to not let the anger that having to hunt for a vaccine (and outrage that others with less capabilities and worse health) is the way we're doing this.  That, of course, coupled with the opening up of the entire state has me working to compartmentalize my emotions out of self defense.  I've only got so much energy.

So I'm back where everyone was last summer.  In the bunker.  As of yesterday I'll no longer go anywhere other than medical facilities where masks are still required.  My daily walk with Zoe will be it.  Even if I do win the vaccine lottery we're a month away from seeing the results from the social experiment that the monied conservatives in this state have kicked off.   They have decided to follow Dan Patrick's (Lt Gov) advice that ensuring the economy of Texas thrives is worth losing a few of the vulnerable population.  He indicated last summer that the loss of his parents was worth having the gears of Texas business engaged.  This is who we elect here.  I understand his point.  It is perfectly consistent with someone who wants to ban abortions (and, wistfully wishing the entire contraceptive world would roll back to the fifties) while expanding lethal injection and ensuring viagra is available through the insurance plans acquired through higher end [read white] jobs.

Nothing new in this scenario.  It is the same standard fare Molly Ivins railed against when Shrub was not such an icon.  As the great slogan of Dennison's Clothier (across the river in New Jersey) said "Money talks, nobody walks".  We've bought a government that prioritizes the economy exhorting Reganism's trickle down bullshit when it is really just a centralized 1% bank.  They've built their walls.  They've gotten their vaccines.  Those whose lips are temporarily detached from Elon Musk's ass are grinning so wide it hurts.  You can see them jumping up and down in glee at what will be next year on the front of Texas magazine called "the Texas economic miracle recovery" with a lot of exclamation marks after it.

So I'm going to try to not be part of the cost of this miracle.  But it will require discipline and focus.  Stay in the boat.  There are tigers in the jungle.


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