Annnndddd.. it's Friday

Weird that I now know what day it is since I've got a kind of work week.  Only kind of since it is, this week, an 18 hour week.  That seems to be about right.  I work for an hour and a half or so, take a half hour break for food, etc, then work another couple of hours.  It is enough to be interesting and generate a little cash but not too exhausting.  The work itself is continuous people interaction.  Hang up one call and the next one is there.  I break it up by creating a couple of minutes for notes (the standard is 30 seconds).  Sometimes longer.  I give good notes. 

The days are filled with mostly nice people.  Some who take a few minutes, some a lot longer.  I hit my record yesterday with a guy who took two hours, most of which was after my scheduled time.  But we finally figured it out.  I think he might have had some dementia.  Hard to tell.  

It is going to be nearly 80 (26.7) today.  Springtime has arrived.  I'd expect one more cold front but nothing severe.  I cut the grass yesterday after having fertilized it a couple of days ago.  We're on the front end of growing season now.  Time to mulch and plant.  Fortunately I can order online and do contactless pickup.  

And, thanks to amw I'm connected into a group of programming geeks who scrape the web sites, look for appointments, and post the results in a Slack group.  It is a step forward but most of the appointments at this point are on the other side of a rather large state.  We'll get there.  


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