Taking my wife to get her shot

For the NSA reading my stuff, you can insert an 'a' in front o f the word 'shot'.  For the rest of you, use your imagination.

Dana and I are registered in the same health system, Scott and White, and they seem to think that even at three years younger she is more vulnerable than I am and I think they are right.  She has real respiratory issues and a lot less room to be sick and still recover.  Plus she can't stop herself from being around people.  Somehow I don't have that problem.

I've ordered food from HEB that we'll pick up after the shot appointment.  The mask mandate is not lifting until, I think, next week but I'm not taking any chances and am getting in the habit now of not going to stores until lots more shots, including mine, are rolled out.  I'm ordering landscaping supplies through Home Depot too (rock/mulch, etc) so they can just throw it into the car (my wife's RAV 4, no the Smart Car).  

Touchless existence.  For now.

Yesterday was Toby's birthday and I forgot to post his birthday picture.  He was four.

Love me some Greeenies
Love me some Greeenies


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