One day it will be my turn

I'd be happy to wait for a vaccine if there were a centralized database.  The Austin Health Department had the nerve to post a radio ad that said, in effect, 'we are ready and organized and know what we are doing, we just don't have any vaccines'.  Were it only true.  There is no centralized database.  There are 254 counties in Texas and as far as I can see there are that many places to sign up.  And all the major cities.  And CVS and HEB and Walmart and every major health system.  And we've not even got the priority people done.  There is no organization at all.  It is a free for all grab it for yourself soon as you can.

As it is I'm signed up on Scott and White (where Dana got her appointment) and as of last night on a local county site that actually sent me an email saying I was registered.

And really it is only me driving me crazy.  I did end up in a situation with a bunch of maskless people inside a room yesterday and it was the last time I even come close to doing that again.  I was picking up a take out that turns out they would have brought to my car.  

I'm now working on an order for milk and mulch from HEB and a couple of bags of rock at Home Depot — both back up and dump it in the car.  No more people, please.  


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