I set up a window box a while back hoping to force some orchids we had sitting around to flower.  The box faces east and so gets cold from the window, only a little direct sunlight but lots of indirect light, and high humidity maintained by a lid on the glass box.  I then practiced my best gardening technique by ignoring the plants entirely.  With the enclosed box I had not even watered them in more than a month.  Yesterday I looked closer and two of them have pushed out flower stems so I'm probably a couple of weeks away from flowering orchids we've had for over a year.  These are the $10 kind I picked up in the store that typically flower that one time and then never again.

Two of the three plants have flower stems
Two of the three plants have flower stems

Once they bloom I'll take them out and put them in the living room.  For now, they are still quietly being ignored.


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