I'm so glad we'll have this time together

Finally got a slot to get shot.  My very own vaccine, one of two according to the info so no baby powder medicine for me.

It is not until the 17th but it is with Baylor, Scott and White, my health center although at one of their facilities an hour away.  On the plus side it is a hard appointment.  And maybe there will be a closer one and I can give this one to someone else.

Mostly I'm just glad to be able to stop clicking.  I was in a Slack group amw pointed me to and a WhatsApp group that I found on NextDoor.  Lots of geeks offering their assistance to get people what they need.  That part is really nice and a wonderful use of social technology.  I'm heartened by the huge group that is offering assistance to the technically challenged who are lost in the weeds.  The WhatsApp group will do it for you or help you do it yourself.  It is a range of help all of which is, of course, free.

I just erased the line about what a little leadership could have accomplished in the last year.  It is being fixed.

This will be a very different country this time next year.  Vaccines and stimulus and jobs and people sitting in restaurants breathing each other's air.  Does that not sound weird?


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